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MY CLIENt testimonials...

Client: Roselyn Zeinstra



Client: Laura Cabadas

App Development & Video Editing

Client: Grace Estiverne

WhiteBoard Video + VSL Video & Video Editing

Client: Carolina Herrera Flórez

WhiteBoard Video + VSL Video  & Podcast Video 

Client: Carrie Pratt

Project: Transcribing + Website Designing + Video Editing

Client: Jennifer Miller

Website Development

Client: Merle Lee Ann

Video Editing + Social Media Marketing

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Client: Greethaly Vilanova

Project: Search Engine Optimization and Advertising.

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Client: Abbie Marino

Project: Ecommerce Store Visual and SEO optimization

Client: Margaret Koelmel

Project: Website Development & Marketing

Client: Virginia Yanos

Project: Website Development, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing

Client: Andreza Cristina

Project: Social Media Marketing

Client: Jennifer Miller

Project: Social Media Marketing